The Flexible Multi-Purpose Impeller, Ideal for Highly Viscous Products

The EKATO PARAVISC is specifically designed for mixing highly viscous products but efficiently can handle low viscous process stages. This impeller can be used within variable modular systems that offer several possibilities to fulfill a wide range of process tasks.

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EKATO PARAVISC Impeller for highly viscous mixing (in comparison to Anchor)

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EKATO PARAVISC in comparison to Comb Blade EKATO technology vs. regular blades
EKATO PARAVISC impeller for high-viscosity products
The EKATO PARAVISC belongs to the group of impellers with a small wall clearance. These impellers usually operate in the laminar regime, and the contents of the vessel are circulated by means of an axial pumping action. Such impellers are mainly used for fluids with a high viscosity or in media with a critical rheology. Axial mixing with this impeller is achieved by means of a simple shape and arrangement of both main blades. The EKATO PARAVISC can be operated so that it pumps either downwards or upwards, depending on the application case. For example, if it is pumping downwards, the fluid is forced downwards along the wall, is deflected by the vessel bottom and then flows back upwards along the agitator shaft to the surface. From the centre of the surface, it flows to the walls and is then pulled downwards again by the impeller blades. This ensures that mixing occurs at all points in the vessel and that no dead zones can develop. The maximum shear induced by this impeller is located in the gap between the vessel wall and the impeller. This is also the region with the highest energy dissipation. In batch processes with changing viscosities, the EKATO PARAVISC can also be equipped with inner baffles to achieve sufficient power input even at low viscosities. For products showing strong structural viscosity, substances with a pronounced yield point or suspensions with a low liquid content, the EKATO PARAVISC can act as a frame impeller within a coaxial mixing system. It is suitable for blending, improving heat transfer or incorporating solids into most viscous and pasty media.
  • Cosmetics (creams, lotions, gels)
  • Tooth paste
  • Silicones
  • Silicone rubbers
  • Latex and polymers
  • Paints and lacquers
  • Epoxy resins
  • Adhesives
  • Hot melts
  • Sealing compounds
  • Insulating materials
  • Building materials

By using an optimized flow profile, the raw materials are homogenized within the shortest time even at high viscosities. Not only reduced batch times and an increased throughput can be achieved, but a further increase in product quality is possible. A further process improvement can be achieved by applying the coaxial system.

Installing baffles avoids scaling – a more homogeneous temperature distribution is achieved. Heat transfer and homogenization are markedly improved and scaling on the vessel wall is mitigated.

The modular EKATO PARAVISC system allows a flexible response to rheological properties and product requirements. This provides a variety of designs which  in each case are especially suitable for certain applications.

  • System adapted to the given process requirements Blending, dispersion and heat transfer up to 1,000,000 mPa s
  • Broad range of products can be handled in one vessel
  • Separate process steps can be performed in one vessel
  • Minimization of product residue due to steep blade angle
  • No stagnant areas
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Bolted or welded versions
  • Wide range of products


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