Vacuum Dryer – SOLIDMIX

Vertical Industrial Dryer from Pasty to Free Flowing

The high-quality SOLIDMIX vacuum dryers are produced with state-of-the-art machines and tools as well as highly trained and experienced staff.

The drying of solids is an elementary process step for various productions. In many processes, the mechanical separation of solids by decanter, filter press or centrifuge is followed by a thermal drying step. EKATO SYSTEMS has developed two apparatuses to cover various solids applications.

For free-flowing products, the SOLIDS-PARAVISC impeller is used in the SOLIDMIX VST dryer series. The ISOPAS impeller was designed for processing pasty, poorly flowing media. It is implemented in the EKATO SOLIDMIX VPT dryers. The modular system can also be specifically tailored to customer requirements. Our experienced experts help to provide the vacuum dryer with the appropriate process technology solution. The following basic operations are available: drying, mixing, chemical reactions, coating, granulating, heating, cooling, moistening, and many more. The EKATO SOLIDMIX vacuum dryer typically has the following system components: The EKATO SOLIDMIX systems have the same design – from laboratory to production scale. Depending on the type of installation, 3 – 32,000 l can be used.
  • Mixing impeller (patented EKATO ISOPAS or EKATO SOLIDS-PARAVISC)
  • ASME, PED, or SELO vacuum and pressure vessel
  • Vacuum system
  • Solvent recovery system
  • Automation
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) cleaning system
  • Agitators designed for minimum power input with maximum vertical mixing (energy efficiency)
  • Gentle vertical mixing with minimal shear
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution and heat transfer in the loose bulk
  • Dryers optimized for maximum discharge during emptying
The SOLIDMIX VST vacuum dryer with the PARAVISC impeller for solids is particularly suitable for drying free-flowing goods and bulk goods. Because of the free-overhung shaft, no bearings are in contact with this product. This offers great advantages in the processing of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical products, or foodstuffs. In addition, the small wall clearance between the impeller and the vessel wall prevents product residues. The conical bottom ensures that only the smallest amounts of residue remain in the dryer.

Optionally for the SOLIDMIX VST various system components can be offered. For example:

  • Filter for separating the exhaust vapors
  • Heatable agitator shaft
  • Sampling ports
  • Temperature measurement
  • CIP-systems
  • ATEX versions from Zone 0 to Zone 2
The PARAVISC impeller for solids, especially designed for the SOLIDMIX VST vacuum dryer, enables reliable operation and low maintenance. The vertical product circulation results in an optimized heat exchange. The impeller movement creates a permanent exchange at the vessel surface. In addition, the product is gently mixed at minimal shearing. Thanks to a special design, the mixing unit ensures homogeneous temperature distribution and thus has a direct effect on product quality and process times.
Type Effective volumes [l] Height H [mm] Width W [mm] Weight [kg]
VST 100 110 2000 1100 1000
VST 250 260 2500 1300 1500
VST 400 430 2700 1500 2000
VST 630 670 3100 1700 3000
VST 1000 1110 3400 1900 4000
VST 1600 1710 3800 2100 5000
VST 2500 2500 4200 2300 6000
VST 4000 4090 4800 2700 9000
VST 5000 5450 5000 2700 10000
VST 6300 7090 5600 2400 12000
VST 10000 10080 6200 3600 14000
VST 16000 16840 6900 4100 16000
VST 20000 20220 7400 4800 18000
VST 25000 26090 8000 5200 20000
VST 32000 33010 8500 5600 25000
The vertical dryer of the SOLIDMIX VPT series, featuring the EKATO ISOPAS impeller especially developed for the processing of pasty and poorly flowing media, ensures intensive mixing. In addition to its special geometry, the EKATO SOLIDMIX VPT process dryer is equipped with a baffle that prevents co-rotation of the product and ensures homogeneous mixing – even with critical flow characteristics. With the EKATO SOLIDMIX VPT unit, it is possible to include a temperature sensor in the conical part of the vessel plus another sensor into the baffle in order to record elementary process parameters directly inside the product. GMP-compliant design is ensured. It is also possible to take samples without interrupting the process and integrate a chopper for breaking up agglomerates. With a chopper, drying time is shortened because of the increased surface of the particles (shorter diffusion paths for the solvent).

Optionally for the SOLIDMIX VPT vacuum dryer, various system components can be offered. For example:

  • Flow elements (e.g., choppers or baffles)
  • Heatable agitator shaft
  • Sampling
  • Temperature measurement
  • Filter for separating the exhaust vapors
  • CIP-systems
  • ATEX versions from Zone 0 to Zone 2
The EKATO ISOPAS impeller system ensures good circulation as well as efficient and effective axial mixing with low power input. Because of the optimal shape of the blade and the minimal use of metal, as well as the conical bottom, there is only minimal residue after emptying. The smallest possible wall clearance ensures an efficient heat transfer. This drastically reduces mixing times.
Type Effective volumes [l] Height H [mm] Width W [mm] Weight [kg]
VPT 50 50 2000 1000 800
VPT 100 100 2100 1100 1000
VPT 250 250 2300 1500 1500
VPT 400 400 2500 1800 2000
VPT 630 630 3100 2000 3000
VPT 1000 1000 3300 2200 4000
VPT 1600 1600 3600 2400 5000
VPT 2500 2500 3800 2700 6000
VPT 4000 4000 4500 3100 7000
VPT 5000 5000 50000 3400 9000


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