Impeller for Mixing and Drying of Pasty and Poorly Flowing Media

Specially developed impeller for processing pasty and poorly flowing media which creates an excellent axial blending and efficient heat transfer in our SOLIDMIX-solid blenders and dryers.
The EKATO ISOPAS offers a mixing system which creates a good circulation and an efficient and effective vertical blending with low power input. The ideal shape of the blades, their steep angle arrangement and the geometry of the vessel, including a conical base, ensure minimal residual amounts after emptying the vessel, compared to other drying systems. Smallest possible wall clearances guarantee an efficient heat transfer and reduce the blending times significantly.
  • Strong axial flow for efficient heat transfer
  • Short mixing times by avoiding vortex formation with pasty products
  • Reduction of product inhomogeneities within shortest mixing times
  • Modular design permits an exact adaption to the process conditions


The following material is available for download.