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Side-Entry Agitator HWL for Flue Gas Desulfurization

Proven Reliability - World's Most Sold FGD Agitator

The EKATO HWL FGD Side-Entry agitator was specially designed to be used in absorber towers of flue gas desulfurization plants. The agitators are designed and manufactured for fatigue strength, based on rated motor power and maximum dynamic loads. The HWL-FGD side-entry is the world’s most-sold side-entry agitator for absorber towers in flue gas desulfurization plants. The reliability of these extremely robust agitators is proved by over 1,500 FGD-plants.
Motor Power 3 - 90 kW
Shaft Diameter 40 - 120 mm
Operating Pressure Atmospheric - 7 bar
Impeller-Systems WINGJET, Propeller
Materials (product wetted) Rust- & acid resistant steels, nickel-base alloy, Duplex- & Super Duplex steels
  • Drive versions from 3 – 90 kW with different gearbox types (V-belt drive, helical-, bevel gearbox..)
  • Mechanical Seal EKATO 42L: Single acting product lubricated mechanical seal for the FGD side- entry agitators. This cartridge type mechanical seal is specifically designed for highly abrasive and corrosive media.
  • Shut-Off device: The shut-off device makes it possible to service the mechanical seal, or even replace it entirely, without shutting down or emptying the absorber tower.
  • EKATO Wingjet impeller: Specifically developed for the use in absorbers for flue gas desulfurization. With its CFD optimized geometry and its cast formed blades this impeller offers the following advantages:
  • The impeller is constructed of highly corrosive and abrasive resistant Super Duplex materials.
  • Available diameters: 800 - 2000 mm
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Bundled axial flow
  • Increased pumping capacity
  • Winglets suppressing the tip vortex for reduced impact corrosion, longer operational life and reduced maintenance costs

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EKATO Side Entry Agitators for FGD absorbers
  • EKATO WINGJET with hollow mixer (WINGJET O2) for dispersing particularly high amounts of gas


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