Even if process unit operations appear to be fully developed, new products and product groups, new type of raw materials and synthesis routes or integration of biochemical processes continue to present demanding challenges for chemical engineers. Modern process engineering is simply inconceivable without mixing technology. Modern mixing technology can be used to optimize production and to improve ressource efficiency and economic viability.


Modern fermentation processes are used to obtain substances such as enzymes, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), amino acids and vitamins as meta

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In agitated services there are two main mixing systems. Either an open system with a hydrofoil impeller or a draft tube is utilized. EKATO provides…

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Polymerization comprises a vast field of applications. EKATO has specialized in optimizing existing mixing solutions as well as in Joint Developments…

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The process of hydrogenation is a chemical reaction type with gaseous hydrogens as a reaction partner. Hydrogenations are generally carried out as…

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Highly Abrasive Processes

Ceramic blades on a metallic hub: that is the solution, how even large impeller diameters can be realized. This has been proven their worth especially

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Bio-based Polymers

The production of polymers based on renewable raw materials is steadily gaining in importance. Biobased polymers are becoming an important cornerstone…

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Chemical Plastic Recycling

Worldwide, well over eight billion tons of plastic have been produced in the last 70 years, which will make recycling of these materials a necessity.

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