Technology and Global Market Leader in Mixing and Blending Technology

Over the course of 90 years EKATO has developed to the world market leader in mixing technology, offering optimized mixing technology to all process-oriented industries. EKATO has been family-owned since its founding in 1933 and is represented worldwide by subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, South Africa and the USA as well as a network of trading partners.

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EKATO GROUP World class in mixing technology

Development and manufacture of customized industrial agitators, complete plants and seals for the process industry.

  • Employees approx. 900 worldwide
  • Turnover approx. 300 million euro
  • Export > 85%
  • R&D rate approx. 7%
  • Trainees 7%

“It is our top priority to consult our customers beyond the expected demands also in auxiliary fields, never to persuade them, and to exceed expectations by means of the deliveries made.”
Company founder Erich Karl Todtenhaupt

Key messages of the statement
“It is our top priority to consult our customers…”: It is all about the customer.
“…beyond the expected demands…”: We offer high level of expertise and engagement.
“…also in auxiliary fields…”: We cover a broad consulting competence.
“…never to persuade them…”: We focus on customer’s needs.
“…and to exceed expectations by means of the deliveries made”: We have high quality standards for the product and daily conduct.

Bottom entry agitator ALRD with mechanical seal, LaborMix - one of the first products created by EKATO
At the age of 22 years Erich Karl Todtenhaupt takes the plunge into self-employment, and on May 28, 1933 founds the company EKATO Elektroapparate und Laboratoriumsbedarf in Düsseldorf. Initially he leads the company without further employees with the focus on "stirring and mixing". The first products are laboratory stirrers and laboratory equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as for plants processing mineral oil.
The first production site of the EKATO RMT in Schopfheim
The company continues to prosper with the focus on "stirring" and is renamed EKATO Apparatebau. At the end of the 1930s, EKATO has 35 employees. Due to the war, in 1943 the company is relocated to Schopfheim, a town in southern Germany. Due to the proximity to Switzerland, companies of the Basel-based chemical industry can be won as customers.
Standard-Mix – The mobile universal high-speed mixer
Representations are set up in many countries. The product range is extended by a modular system for high-speed stirrers and patents for special designs are applied for. Since agitator seals purchased from the market do not fulfill the requirements satisfactorily, the decision is taken to develop own seals.
New administration and R&D of EKATO RMT
EKATO grows steadily and now has 100 employees. A research and sales company is founded, EKATO Rühr- und Mischtechnik GmbH. In 1961 a new administrative and research building is inaugurated. The product range continues to grow and new solutions are developed in collaboration with customers in many large-scale processes.
Timeline of EKATO's subsidiaries and offices worldwide
With 240 employees and as a specialist in mixing technology, EKATO is now the market leader in Germany. The second generation becomes active in the company. In 1974, the first foreign subsidiary is opened in France, followed by further subsidiaries in Europe. Adapted to special process requirements, EKATO offers optimized and patented impellers.
Headquarters of EKATO FLUID
The expansion into the EKATO GROUP begins with the founding of FLUID Misch- und Dispergiertechnik GmbH in Lörrach having the focus on the production and supply of standard agitators of modular design for industrial use. A few years later, the expansion into more distant markets follows with the opening of a subsidiary in the USA. With 370 employees, EKATO is now the largest specialist company for stirring and mixing in Europe.
EKATO mechanical seals especially developed for agitator technology since 1950
Since the 1950s, mechanical seals are being used and form part of agitator technology. With the development of own seals EKATO is one of the pioneers in this field. The continuous growth of this business along with the already existing know-how lead to the foundation of ESD GmbH EKATO Sicherheits- und Dichtungstechnik. Even today, EKATO is the only agitator manufacturer that offers its own mechanical seals and their supply systems.
Construction of the new production facilities of EKATO RMT
With construction of the new manufacturing facility in Schopfheim, EKATO sets new standards introducing manufacturing and design islands for the production of industrial agitators. Meanwhile, the number of employees has risen to 490 and EKATO is the market leader in Europe. At the same time, the first edition of the EKATO Handbook of Mixing Technology, a compendium and reference book for the fundamentals of mixing technology, is published. In 2012, the third edition is published under the title EKATO. THE BOOK.
EKATO SYSTEMS GmbH is established- with two in-house brands (EKATO SOLIDMIX and EKATO UNIMIX)
The expansion of the EKATO GROUP continues with the founding of EKATO SOLIDMIX GmbH, which specializes in the development and production of machines for solids processing. With the takeover of Haagen + Rinau Mischtechnik GmbH (UNIMIX), EKATO expands its business portfolio to cover process plants for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. In 2006, both companies merge to form today's EKATO SYSTEMS GmbH. EKATO expands into the Asian market and with around 600 employees is now the world market leader.
Construction of the new EKATO headquarters with state-of-the-art R&D Center
Continuous research and development, the focus always being on the perfect solution for the customer and the adherence to the highest quality standards, form the cornerstones of the corporate philosophy right from the very beginning. On the occasion of the company's 80th anniversary, EKATO inaugurates a new administrative building with an affiliated state-of-the-art research center at its headquarters in Schopfheim. The production facilities are expanded by adding a new assembly hall for large units.
In 2018, EKATO celebrates its 85th anniversary
Over the past 85 years, EKATO has grown to be the world market leader in mixing technology and today offers optimized mixing technology for all process-oriented industries. EKATO has a global presence with 735 employees, international subsidiaries and a network of trading partners on all continents. EKATO continues to invest in its production facilities and is already planning a further expansion of its Schopfheim headquarters.


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