Process Plants and Units

EKATO supplies state-of-the-art process plants for the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Teams of experienced experts use their know-how to develop innovative solutions for the most demanding process engineering tasks. We have over 90 years of experience in research and development and can adapt a wide range of agitators and processes to the partial process steps mixing, drying, hydrogenation, homogenization.

Vacuum Processing Units – UNIMIX

The EKATO vacuum processing units are produced with the latest production equipment.

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Vertical Pharma Vacuum Blender – SOLIDMIX

When mixing solids, especially bulk goods, the mixing quality plays a central role. We offer plants that ensure a high homogeneity of the product.

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Vacuum Dryer – SOLIDMIX

The high-quality Solidmix vacuum dryers are produced with state-of-the-art machines and tools as well as highly trained and experienced staff.

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Hydrogenation Plants and Hydrogenation Reactors

As a turnkey supplier, EKATO takes overall responsibility on the way from the idea to the commissioning of an industrial hydrogenation plant.

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Industrial Photoreactors

Chemical reactions can be triggered by UV light without any catalysts. Stirred photoreactors are ideal for multiphase reactions.

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