Impeller for Mixing and Drying of Average to Good Free-Flowing Bulk

The SOLIDS-PARAVISC is used in our SOLIDMIX-solid blenders and dryers, especially for free-flowing materials. It’s special design causes a significantly improved heat transfer which leads to substantially reduced drying times.
The specially designed SOLIDS-PARAVISC impeller for the solid dryer SOLIDMIX VST allows a safe operation at low maintenance cost. The vertical product circulation causes an excellent heat transfer and the surface is continuously recirculated by the impellers movement . Additionally, the product is mixed carefully, because of the low-shear force. The impellers special geometry ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution and therefore directly influences the quality of the product and reduces process duration.
  • Very strong axial circulation of free-flowing bulk materials
  • Low-shear mixing of sensitive products
  • Homogeneity > 99 % after shortest mixing time
  • Possibility of heated shaft - larger heat exchange surface resulting in shorter drying times


The following material is available for download.