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Agitators for Small Volumes FGL

FGL Agitators for Small and also Pressurized Vessels

EKATO FGL agitators are designed for small volumes and pressurized vessels. The unit can either be directly driven by a motor or together with a gearbox. A connection of the motor via IEC-adapter or a gear motor are also possible. The shaft is sealed by a mechanical seal.
Motor Power 0,37 – 7,5 kW
Shaft Diameter 25 - 40 mm
Operating Pressure Vacuum - 7 bar
Impeller-Systems EKATO high-efficiency impellers and conventional impellers
Materials (product wetted) Rust- & acid resistant steels, nickel-base alloy, Duplex- & Super Duplex steels, titanium & titanium alloys
Approval ATEX 2014/34/EU & GOST TR-ZU 010/2011
  • Drive version either directly driven by a motor or together with a gearbox
  • Lantern made of stainless steel, also acting as seal housing
  • Mounting flange/-plate
  • Short heat trap
  • Collector tray
  • Shaft speed measurement
  • Single-acting fluid lubricated mechanical seal
  • Double-acting fluid lubricated mechanical seal
  • Individual sealing liquids
  • Sealing liquids and elastomers with FDA


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