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Body Care-, Cosmetic-, Pharmaceutical-, Chemical- and Food Industry

The EKATO vacuum processing units are produced with the latest production equipment.

This is the formula for your success! EKATO UNIMIX systems technology offers all functions for the production of complex products for many industries – from laboratory to production scale.

Vacuum processing units are frequently used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry for producing wide product ranges. From emulsions to gels, low to high viscosity products and partial to complete batches – vacuum processing units must be suitable for various manufacturing conditions.

Conventional production technology would in fact be able to produce the products. However, it is often impossible to achieve the required product quality in the required time. In the EKATO UNIMIX units, the basis for a consistently high product quality is the combination of homogenizer and agitator. With this combination, one can optimally fulfill the necessary process steps and product requirements.

With the UNIMIX product line, EKATO SYSTEMS offers state-of-the-art laboratory mixers, pilot plant mixers and production units. The scope of delivery can range from a single unit to a complete process unit including all auxiliary equipment.

The following components are typically included in the UNIMIX system:

  • Patented EKATO PARAVISC impeller (Mixing and stirring)
  • EKATO S-JET homogenizer (Homogenization)
  • Automation
  • ASME, PED or SELO vacuum and pressure tank
  • Heating and cooling function
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) cleaning system

The combination of agitator and homogenizer is crucial for the mixing process. All units of this series guarantee a fast, safe and economical production of various products with different viscosities (e.g., lotions, creams, gels, toothpastes and mascaras).

The EKATO PARAVISC impeller is characterized by excellent axial mixing and is very versatile in the mixing process.

  • Short mixing times and efficient heat transfer in the entire viscosity range
  • Open design allows the use of a central baffle
  • Use of wall scrapers to remove wall residues and optimize heat transfer

The EKATO S-JET is not only designed for general homogenization tasks but also fulfills the highest requirements in solids dispersion.

  • Designed for internal homogenization within the vessel as well as for external homogenization via the recirculation line
  • Switch from 100% internal to 100% external homogenization via magnetic ring
  • Suction of large amounts of powder directly into the homogenizer allows for shortest process times with maximum product quality
  • Automated product feed for reproducible product quality
  • Produces high pressure for the circulation and discharge of highly viscous products
  • No additional pump necessary; the EKATO S-JET is used for the discharge of the product and also as a CIP pump
  • The internal homogenization mode allows for very low filling levels
  • Direct suction of liquids and/or solids into the high-shear-zone for immediate wetting and dispersion
  • Double-acting mechanical seal system for easy installation/removal
  • No dead zones on the shaft because the slip rings are directly connected to the rotor
  • Integration of the intake rate into the automation allows full process control
  • Automated seal liquid system with pressure and level control
  • cGMP-compliant design
  • Ideal interaction with the agitator (EKATO PARAVISC) for efficient product circulation in the vessel
  • S-JET/V: Especially for toothpaste and other products with high throughput

The UNIMIX vacuum processing units are used worldwide and have an excellent reputation in the production of ointments, gels, creams, suspensions, toothpaste, skin care products and cosmetics as well as many products from the food and chemical industry.

  • Ideal vertical and radial mixing by the EKATO PARAVISC agitator
  • Immediate dispersion of raw materials when added via the UNIMIX S-JET homogenizer
  • Short-circuit-free internal/external product recirculation
  • Variable shear energy input
  • Optimal heating and cooling times
  • Cleaning in place (CIP)
The SRA series is equipped with the typical UNIMIX components such as PARAVISC agitator, S-JET homogenizer, heating and cooling function and vacuum and is suitable for the manufacturing of products from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
Because of their versatility, the mixers of the UNIMIX SRC series are the most widely used types of the EKATO UNIMIX product line. All machines of this series guarantee the fast, safe, and economical production of various products with different viscosities.

The UNIMIX series of pilot plant mixers has been designed for product and process development (scale-up) in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. This machine type has a particularly compact design and can be used as a plug and ready to use device. All key components are technical identical to the production units:

  • EKATO PARAVISC agitator
  • EKATO S-JET homogenizer
  • Process control
  • On board heating and cooling
  • CIP
  • Vacuum pump
Small in scale – great in function. The EKATO UNIMIX laboratory mixers are ideal for the production of small batches under production conditions. This way, important data is collected as a reliable basis for a later production (scale-up). All parameters such as speed, temperatures and pressures can be adjusted variably. The homogenizing system of the laboratory mixers is particularly advantageous because it not only serves for internal and external homogenization but also emptying.