Mechanical Seals & Supply Systems

Mechanical seals have been used in agitator technology since 1950. EKATO is one of the pioneers, using mechanical seals in agitators and continues to produce them today. EKATO offers a wide range of robust seals and reliable accessories for cooling and supplying the seals with sealing medium. A distinction is made between dry-running and gas- and liquid-lubricated mechanical seals.

Single-Acting Mechanical Seals

This type of mechanical seal has to be operated either under dry conditions or must be lubricated and cooled by the liquid product.

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Double-Acting Mechanical Seals

Double-acting liquid-lubricated mechanical seals are the most common for mixing applications. They can be used under nearly all operating conditions.

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Triple-Acting Mechanical Seals

Specially designed for processes requiring high operational safety, such as extreme pressure applications or extremely toxic or explosive products.

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Hydraulic Components for Mechanical Seals

In mixing technology, a reliable sealing of the mixing vessel can only be ensured by means of a complete mechanical seal system.

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Automatic Seal Supply Systems

EKATO provides supply systems for the safe and reliable operation of the mechanical seal.

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