Magnetic Safety Agitators ESM

Safety Agitator for Mixing Hazardous Material

The EKATO Magnetic-Safety-Agitator prevents product leakage by using a hermetic seal between product and environment, even when the agitator suffers any kind of breakdown which makes it best for mixing hazardous material.
Motor Power 5 - 200 kW
Shaft Diameter 40 - 100 mm
Operating Pressure Vacuum -100 bar
Impeller-Systems EKATO high-efficiency impellers and conventional impellers
Materials (product wetted) Rust- & acid resistant steels, nickel-base alloy, Duplex- & Super Duplex steels, titanium & titanium alloys
Approval ATEX 2014/34/EU & GOST TR-ZU 010/2011
  • Drive versions with fixed or variable shaft speeds and different gearbox types (flat and helical gearbox)
  • Optimized magnetic couplings (efficient power transmission)
  • Double bearing of the shaft inside the lantern
  • Canned magnetic rotor zero-emissions
  • Pressure compensator with bypass function (reservoirs)
  • Additional seal ensures extra operational safety
  • Various parameters can be monitored (shaft speed, temperature, pressure…)
  • Cooling flange available for high operation pressures


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