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Dispersion of Liquids and Solids

An ideal impeller for dispersing, emulsifying, deagglomeration of solids in medium to high viscous applications. Wear-protection coatings or a solid ceramic dissolver disc ensure maximized lifetimes.
EKATO Dissolver
The EKATO Dissolver, which consists of a support plate with tooth-like elements around the circumference that are perpendicular to the plate. Dissolver discs are suitable for mixing tasks that need a high shear gradient, e.g. emulsification, deagglomeration of solids and wet milling. The required high local shear forces are achieved by dissipating the fast tip speeds into a very small volume. The impeller blades can additionally be executed with different wear-protection coatings or with a solid ceramic EKATO Dissolver for highly abrasive products. An additional axial flow impeller can be used to provide sufficient circulation of more viscous media in the vessel.
  • Generates extremely high local power input
  • Ideal for medium to highly viscous products
  • A considerably longer lifetime can be achieved by using wear-protection coatings or with asolid ceramic EKATO Dissolver
  • Typically used as an auxiliary impeller eccentric to the PARAVISC or central on the PARAVISC coaxial


For further information the following material is available for download.

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