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Modern process engineering is simply inconceivable without mixing technology. With its ongoing developments and established solutions, the EKATO GROUP provides a major contribution in this respect and offers state-of-the-art mixing technology for all process-oriented industries such as chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hydrometallurgy, flue gas desulfurization, biofuels, biotechnology and food.


Mixing technology is involved in many unit operations in the production of polymers, chemical intermediates, APIs or fertilizers and of the consumer goods derived from those as paints, adhesives, sealants, lubricants etc.

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It is the production of polymers where the right mixing solution decides about the final product quality. On the other hand, plastics recycling is of rising importance due to environmental reasons. Chemical recovering processes also involve mixing in various process steps.

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EKATO SYSTEMS offers state of the art vacuum processing units for decades, with long term experience in the cosmetic industry to meet todays and tomorrows demands. As one of the technology leader for production equipment in the cosmetic business, the EKATO product lines UNIMIX and SOLIDMIX are able to produce various product formulations.

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Decades of know-how in dispersing and mixing technology as well as depth knowledge in all disciplines of process engineering at EKATO GROUP form the basis for the successful use of EKATO technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Hydrometallurgical processes are being used more and more to extract and process metals. Complex low-grade ores that are more commonly available today can be refined economically using hydrometallurgical processes, which is not the case with pyrometallurgy.

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Flue Gas Desulfurization

EKATO is world market leader for agitators in flue gas desulfurization, having sold more than 12,000 agitators in over 1,500 FGD-plants worldwide.

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The storage of crude oil is the beginning of the process in the petrochemical industry. During this storage, mixing tasks such as BS&W (Basic Sediment & Water), heat transfer and homogenization have to be performed.

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Biotechnology is regarded as a key technology of the 21st century. One of its main applications is the use of living organisms like bacteria, fungi, yeasts, plant cells, viruses, and mammalian cells and their products.

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In the past two decades, EKATO has supplied a great number of efficient and powerful agitators to bioethanol and biodiesel plants. Thanks to our many years’ experience, EKATO additionally supports you during your entire development process, from lab-tests, scale-up, up to the finished product.

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When it comes to agitation, mixing, dissolving, heating, cooling, fermentation, and hydrogenation, EKATO agitators are used in all areas of the food production industry, where hygiene and rigorous standards present special challenges during production.

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