Pilot Plants

When developing new processes, the chemical engineer determines the basic conditions and recipes for the process. This laboratory data is generally not sufficient enough to design the production plant. The interaction of chemistry, physical parameters and instrumental boundary conditions in complex processes is usually determined in pilot plants. In EKATO’s laboratories, a number of lab and pilot plants are available for carrying out such investigations.

Laboratory Mixer & Dryer for Solids – SOLIDMIX

The vertical solids dryer and mixer series is designed for scale-up, product development and is suitable for the production of small batch sizes.

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Vacuum Processing Units in Lab Scale – UNIMIX

EKATO UNIMIX laboratory and pilot plant mixers for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

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Laboratory Plant ELA 5

Easily transportable process development unit for gas-liquid reactions, comprising a reactor unit and a support unit with a process thermostat.

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Pilot Plant ELA 50

ELA 50 is a pilot plant for process developments in a 50 l scale and is preferably used for highly viscous applications.

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