Laboratory Mixer & Dryer for Solids – SOLIDMIX

Ideal for Drying and Mixing Trials and Small Batch Production

The vertical solids dryer and mixer series (EKATO SOLIDMIX) has been designed for scale-up and product development (formulation purposes). Furthermore these units are suitable for production of small batch sizes.
EKATO SOLIDMIX Laboratory units
The base model consists of a jacketed vessel for cooling/heating, designed for liquid heat transfer mediums for temperature control. The use of different EKATO impellers allows testing of multiple applications. Both the EKATO SOLIDS-PARAVISC impeller for free-flowing solids (product series SOLIDMIX VSM/VST) and the EKATO ISOPAS impeller for pasty products are available (product series SOLIDMIX VPM/VPT) in the laboratory units. Due to the special impeller design and combination with a baffle, difficult pasty products can be processed without problems. The automated lid lifting feature allows an easy movement of the impeller. The process operations inside the vessel can be viewed via the inspection glass in the lid. The mixing vessel, made of stainless steel, has a temperature sensor located at the vessel bottom for measuring product temperature. At the lowest point is the discharge opening, which is closed with a ball segment valve. The control cabinet, which also serves as support for the vessel, houses a compact PLC control with touch screen. Many other options are available on request such as vapor filters, hot water heaters, vacuum units, etc. The SOLIDMIX laboratory mixers and dryers can be tested in the EKATO SYSTEMS laboratory in Schopfheim and are also available as renting machines if required.

Determination of the process parameters of mixing and drying systems

  • Optimized plant design
  • Analysis of the test results & production scale-up recommendations
  • Process evaluation / process development
  • Plug and play
Technical data are subject to changes. For information only.
Type Effective volume [l] Length [mm] Width [mm] Height, closed [mm] Net weight [kg]
VPT 3 1 – 3 1000 800 2150 120
VST 5 1 – 5 1000 800 2150 120
VPT 25 5 – 25 2151 750 1800 180
VST 50 5 – 25 2151 750 1800 180


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