Commissioning and Start-Up

We Ensure a Smooth Start of Your Production!

Proper installation is of crucial importance for the long-term performance and service life of your EKATO agitators and process plants. Improper installation is the main cause of early life cycle costs, downtime and repairs to the equipment. EKATO offers comprehensive support from its own service technicians during installation and commissioning. This service is available worldwide and ensures an optimal start with the new equipment.
On-site support by a service technician is not always possible, for example due to the COVID-19 virus and the associated travel and contact restrictions. For these special circumstances we offer a possibility to replace the on-site support in the best possible way with our innovative "Remote Service Support". Hereby, the customer is guided and instructed by our trained personnel using the latest technology. This way we can guarantee a smooth commissioning and acceptance of our products. In addition, this possibility is used to maintain the training of regional service technicians worldwide, which normally take place in the headquarters. In this way, we can also ensure our high quality standards in this area.


  • Personal support despite travel restrictions
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Online support through recordings with smartphone, tablet, laptop or EKATO remote data glasses
  • Technical support and troubleshooting

We offer our remote service support with our own software TeamViewer Pilot, GoTo-Meeting or also in combination. However, we are flexible and can also use software requested by the customer if necessary.

The EKATO Group’s service technicians provide on-site support at any time, anywhere in the world. The team includes more than 20 fitters worldwide, around half of whom operate from Germany.

Whether in Germany, Europe or worldwide, even in the most remote corners of the world, EKATO service technicians are always ready to support you and your team on site. Please note that this cannot be understood as a SAT (site acceptance test), as an agitator in itself is not considered to be a complete machine.

  • The activities therefore usually include the following steps
  • Supervision of the assembly activities by the customer technicians on site to ensure that the correct installation and assembly steps are followed and that the agitator is properly configured for commissioning
  • Checking the installation including checking the mechanical completion
  • Checking the connections and cable connections of instruments etc.
  • Accompaniment of a test run in water (if this is technically possible)

Unlike agitators, the EKATO Group’s process plants are supplied including control and operating software. The commissioning of such a system is therefore slightly different compared to that of a normal agitator.
In these cases EKATO offers extended support during commissioning. The commissioning of the process systems is accompanied by a process engineer for example from research and development.

In addition to a test run in water, this includes the I/O-test. The system is then checked together with you according to the functional description. EKATO accompanies you during the first batches and supports you in optimizing parameters and limit values. Process conditions are analyzed together with you and optimized wherever possible.