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Swivel Side-Entry Agitator ES-SW

Swivel Side-Entry Agitators for Oil-Storage Tanks

EKATO ES-2000-SW agitators with mechanical seal are designed for storage tanks of different sizes. The shaft is sealed by a single-acting product lubricated or double-acting liquid lubricated mechanical seal according API 682, modified for agitators. Manual swivelling or optional automatic adjustment control via DCS is available. The agitator is equipped with a device to ensure quick and easy maintenance or replacement of the seal, while the vessel is still filled up.
Motor Power 7,5 - 55 kW
Shaft Diameter 60 - 100 mm
Operating Pressure Atmospheric - liquid column
Impeller-Systems EKATO Propeller
Materials (product wetted) Rust- & acid resistant steels, Duplex steels
Approval ATEX 2014/34/EU EAC TR-ZU 010/012-2011 approval
  • Mounting flange
  • Shut-off device for mechanical seal maintenance during full tank
  • Single-acting product lubricated mechanical seal
  • Double-acting liquid lubricated mechanical seal
  • Mechanical seal with emergency running characteristics
  • No disassembly of the drive unit when servicing the seal


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