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For Flue Gas Desulfurization in Fossil-Fuel-Fired Power Stations

The EKATO WINGJET was developed for the absorber towers in flue gas desulfurization plants and is the most successful and efficient impeller for this application. For other applications where side-entry agitators are required, this impeller becomes more and more popular, too.
The WINGJET, which is used in flue gas desulphurisation units of fossil fuel-fired power stations is a good example of an impeller with specially optimised flow properties. The primary tasks of these impellers, which are mostly side-entry, is to suspend gypsum and to disperse air in very large absorber tanks. In designing the EKATO WINGJET specially for this process, the emphasis was on increasing the efficiency. The blade design was based on the required uniform power transmission over the length and circumference of the blades. The winglets suppress vortexing around the tip of the blade, thus preventing erosive wear in this region that occurs with conventional propellers.

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EKATO Side Entry Agitators for FGD absorbers
  • Optimized axial flow with high power density
  • High mass transfer rate by dispersion of oxidation air
  • Winglets attached to the tips of the blades minimize wear
  • Higher gassing rate and improved suspension capability enables
  • cost reductions, reduction in the number or power of the agitators


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