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Workshops and Seminars

EKATO is successfully organizing free seminars and workshops on current topics in process engineering and agitating solutions for customers and interested parties for several years. Visit EKATO events online or in person and take the opportunity to exchange yourself with our specialists and guest speakers.
27 Jul 2021

Mechanical Seals and Design Principles (US)

EKATO America invites you to a walk through the components that comprise the design of an EKATO seal, touching on each of their functions.

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28 Jul 2021

Seal Supply Systems (US)

Why do you supply a mechanical seal? We will answer this and other questions on barrier fluid function, pressure compensation and pressure overlay.

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05 Aug 2021

Reproducible and Robust Batch Crystallization

Solids behave differently – the right equipment and the right crystallization strategy help to make the process a success

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01 Sep 2021

EKATO Webinar Scandinavia

Do not miss our webinar about modernization of industrial agitators and how to achieve improvements

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02 Sep 2021

Mixing Solutions for High-viscous Systems

We will demonstrate how to handle a demanding rheology in your process – and to be efficient at the same time.

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16 Sep 2021

Polyesters and Polyamides – Mixing in Polycondensation

From controlled reaction to handling demanding viscosities - we can help you to optimize your polycondensation reactor mixing setup

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07 Oct 2021

Mixing Solutions for Emulsions

Taking a closer look at Emulsions reveal little Universes - We will give an overview of principles and processes on how they are created

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