Self-Aspirating Gassing Impeller for Pure Gases

The GASJET is a self-aspirating gassing impeller for internal recirculation of the gas from the reactor head back into the liquid. It ensures complete conversion of technically pure gases.
The EKATO GASJET is a self-aspirating impeller. Gas is aspirated through the hollow shaft of the GASJET and then passes through specially shaped gas ducts at the end of the shaft. The vacuum pressure generated by impeller rotation on the outer openings sucks the gas out into the liquid where it is finely distributed. There are also chambers between the gas ducts whose cover discs have openings facing the hub. The pure liquid in the vessel is sucked in through these openings and then guided to the gas outlets where the gas is being dispersed. The separate flow of gas being dispersed by the EKATO GASJET and its intensive liquid pumping efficiency results in a higher mass transfer owing to the additional contact surface area created between the moving liquid and the aspirated gas. Conventional self-aspirating turbines with covered gas ducts have a limited gas throughput because they are susceptible to self-flooding. This problem is prevented by the design of the EKATO GASJET, thus enabling it to cope with higher gas feed rates than conventional designs. The combination of EKATO GASJET and EKATO PHASEJET maximizes space/time yields in reactions with pure gases like in hydrogenation processes.

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EKATO GASJET Impeller for gas-liquid applications with pure gases


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