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Homogenizing of Biomass, Polymer Fibers or Food

This impeller was developed to mix products with long fibrous components. The special shaped hub / blade geometry ensures no damage of fibers by gently sliding along the impeller blade and prevents the impeller and shaft from entanglements.
Sedimentation basins and digestion tanks often contain long fibrous components that become entangled around the impeller and shaft during continuous operation and slowly form clumps and pigtails. That issue compromises the pumping efficiency, causes imbalances and also increases the power consumption of an agitator. The EKATO AQUAJET-B has been specifically developed to deal with these problems. This impeller is characterised by large-diameter hubs and a new blade geometry in which the leading edges are curved backwards. This prevents entanglement of long fibres that wrap around the hub and the leading edge of the blade.
  • Clog-free impeller, i.e. no "collection" of fibers on the front blade edge
  • Ideal for the homogenization of media containing long-fibers
  • No damage of fibers by gently sliding along the impeller blade

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