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Axial Flow Impeller with Maximum Pumping Efficiency

The EKATO ISOJET is the most efficient impeller by far, as soon as axial pumping in a turbulent system is required. It is ideal for blending and suspension at low viscosities. Especially well suited to tall vessels where a multi-stage setup creates a flow regime lik a virtual draft tube (VDT).
Due to the special shape of the main and lateral areas of the blades, the EKATO Isojet is able to suppress direct flow around the impeller from the outlet side to the inlet side. The lateral areas of the blades act like a co-rotating draft tube. Decisive for preventing such short-circuit flow paths are the effective length, angle of inclination and the curvature of the lateral blade areas. This produces a highspeed jet of liquid in the axial direction. The EKATO Isojet has a high hydraulic efficiency for a given agitator power, which leads to a very high volumetric pumping rate. Most of the agitator power is thus converted into the corresponding pumping power. For a given power number, the hydraulic efficiency of the Isojet is up to 30 % higher compared to previous types of impellers. In practice, the high volumetric pumping rate and the improved circulation rate together with comparatively low power input provide excellent suspending characteristics and short blend times.

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EKATO ISOJET Impeller for tall vessels with strong axial flow requirements


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