Hydrogenation Test Center HTC

Hydrogenation reactor and filtration unit

The Hydrogenation unit HTC is designed for the process development of a vast variety of hydrogenation processes in 60 L scale. For process development, it allows a scale up from laboratory scale as an intermediate scale to production scale as well as a scale down from production scale for process optimization tasks.



Bring your hydrogenation to commercial scale

Faster, with less risk, at lower costs

The EKATO Hydrogenation Test Center HTC is a process development plant in a 60 l scale. It  comprises a hydrogenation reactor, a preparatio tank for starting or intermediate products, a filtration unit and a filtrate receiver. All vessels are made in Alloy C22 and are equipped with agitators. All units are installed in an EX-proof area and are suitable for operation with flammable liquids and hydrogen.

Hydrogenations can be performed under real production conditions. This provides significant advantages for industrial process development studies: data from trials can be directly used for the design of production-scale hydrogenation units. 


  • Filling volume max. 60 litres
  • Design temperature: 250°C
  • Design pressure: 100 barg
  • Plant is EX-proof (T4, IIC)
  • Product wetted parts Alloy C22
  • Exchangeable agitator systems
  • Heat transfer: wall and various internal heat exchangers
  • Online process analysis possible (IR or NIR)

Process types

This gas-liquid reactor is specially designed for a wide range of hydrogenation processes:

  • Fat hardening
  • Sorbitol
  • TDA
  • Aniline
  • Hydroxylamine
  • Polymers
  • Fine chemicals

Our service

Support from EKATO mixing specialists:

  • Trials performed at EKATO laboratories
  • Scale-up expertise
  • Guarantees for key process parameters
  • Analytical services (density, viscosity, GC, HPLC)

Process Monitoring

  • Temperatures (vessel and jacket)
  • Pressure
  • Impeller speed
  • Impeller torque / power input
  • Gas flow
EKATO Hydrogenation Plant Technology
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