EKATO Sterile System

Complete sterile system, mechanical seal and sterile installation out of one hand

Special requirements in mechanical seals occur in the operation of sterile processes, such as food processing, in the pharmaceutical industry and in the biotechnology. Therefore EKATO offers a complete sterile system consisting of a mechanical seal and a sterile installation


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The EKATO sterile system is used when the vessel / process shall be sealed from any biomass by the mechanical seal.

The EKATO sterile system is an ideal solution for the process demand of a hot a completely sterile seal liquid where biomass can not grow. On the other hand to service the mechanical seal demand of cool seal liquid for seal face lubrication and cooling


Sterile System for Mechnical Seals

Functional description of the sterile system

Step 1: Flow-trough sterilization
Cleaning and sterilization of all parts with fresh steam during standstill of the the agitator

Step 2: System-filling
Filling the system with sterile condensate during standstill of the agitator

Step 3: Continuous loop-operation
Cyclical sterilization of the condensate by fresh steam and seal liquid condensate cooling by the heat exchanger during operation


Sterile system

  • Complete sterile system, mechanical seal and sterile installation out one hand (less interfaces)
  • Self regulating system with very low energy consumption
  • Optimized mechanical seal design without gaps (ESD34S / ESD44S)
  • Sterile conditions in the storage vessel during operation: no microbe growth
  • Constant circulation and continuous sterilization of the condensate
  • Overpressurized system due to steam pressure: no entry of extern contaminations
  • Seal liquid condensate with ideal operating temperature: extended seal lifetime


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