Gas/liquid reactions with technically pure gases, especially hydrogenation processes

An agitator system of EKATO PHASEJET and EKATO GASJET combines high gas rate dispersion with the internal gas recirculation. The excellent mass transfer enables quick and complete utilization of process gas. No external recirculation equipment is required.

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The EKATO combined gassing system boosts the conversion of mass transfer limited reactions. Unconverted gas in the headspace is recirculated into the reaction media leading to a complete utilization of the reaction gas. 

The Challenge

Reactions using purified gases call for:

  • Complete utilization of the gas
  • High productivity through a shorter reaction time
  • Reliable containment of the gas and the
  • products of reaction

The EKATO solution

High productivity in a simply constructed reactor

with the EKATO combined gassing system:

  • Combined action of two different impeller types
  • Primary dispersion by the EKATO PHASEJET
  • Recirculation by the EKATO GASJET
  • Low concentrations of feedstock in the reactor due to high local rates of chemical conversion and short mixing times


  • Recirculation of reactant gas from the headspace with no external compressor
  • Intensive mixing of feedstock and reactant gas in the impeller discharge zone
  • High heat transfer rates



  • Gas introduced via rotating gas sparger
  • High flooding limits
  • Little change in power draw between ungassed and fully gassed conditions
  • Homogeneous suspension of the catalyst

The EKATO combined gassing system ensures:

  • High operating safety and reliability
  • Low instrumentation and control costs
  • Productivity boost through high mass transfer rates
  • Minimum number of components




EKATO Combined Gassing


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