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Economies of Scale – Agitator Technology for World‐Scale Plants 

7 diciembre 2020

CIT (1-2/2021) - Over the past 35 years, the cost benefit of the economies of scale has led in some industrial production processes to a more than tenfold increase in reactor volume. The article highlights this trend with the focus on three industrial examples: PET production, pressure oxidizing in the mining industry, and fermentation. It gives background information about the current trend and shows industrial examples of the world's largest plants, often referred to as world‐scale plants...

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Modular hydrogenation plant for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

9 octubre 2020

At the end of September, EKATO delivered a modular high-pressure hydrogenation plant to a European manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)...

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Tecnologie di miscelazione: un Workshop a Milano

9 octubre 2020

ICP - Il 15 ottobre scorso si è tenuto a Milano l’Ekato Process Engineering Day. Nel corso della giornata, organizzata da Ekato e Ravizza, tecnici Ekato hanno presentato le basi, le tendenze e gli sviluppi nelle tecnologie di miscelazione con focus sui processi di idrogenazione, fermentazione e cristallizzazione.

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Urban mining made profitable by improved mixing technology

8 mayo 2019

Process Worldwide - On first sight process requirements in urban mining seem to be much less complex as in the classical mining of primary ore bodies since numerous metals are available in high concentrations. Anyhow the presence of many different metals makes the separation to pure end products very demanding and complex...

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Cristallizzazione ottimizzata con il corretto sistema di agitazione

5 abril 2019

ICP - Rappresentata in Italia da Ravizza & C., EKATO progetta e realizza sistemi di agitazione su scala industriale per ottimizzare i processi di cristallizzazione venendo così incontro alle esigenze dell’industria, che ha sempre più bisogno di ottimizzare tecnologie e tempi di realizzazione...

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Next Generation EKATO ISOPAS

1 marzo 2019

Chemical Engineering - Over the last 85 years, EKATO has become the world market leader in stirring and mixing technology. With EKATO SYSTEMS, the product portfolio turned into a complete solutions provider for vacuum processing units. The application range includes mixing and drying of solids (EKATO SOLIDMIX) as well as mixing and dispersing of semi solids from liquids to highly viscous products (EKATO UNIMIX)...

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Economic Mixing Solutions for Water and Wasterwater Treatment

15 septiembre 2018

Chemical Engineering - EKATO Aquajet B Impeller. Special impeller for operation in sludge containing long fibers...

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A new mixing impeller for medium-viscous systems

1 septiembre 2018

Chemical Engineering - Multi-product reactors with enhanced heat-transfer requirements are often equipped with simple radially working mixing systems with various types of impellers. To improve the performance of such reactors...

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Influence de l'agitation pour und cristallisation de qualité

15 junio 2018

Industrie Pharma - La cristallisation est une opération réalisée dans de nombreuses applications pour l'industrie chimique, la production d'API, l'industrie alimentaire ou la précipitation des minerais En fonction des exigences du processus, on utilise le refroidissement, l'évaporation ou la précipitation pour former des cristaux...

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EKATO: entre innovation et optimisation

12 marzo 2018

Le Journal des Fluides - La Société EKATO propose aux industriels une large gamme de produits pour l'agitation et le mélange de fluides. Lire l'interview complète de Marc Doura...

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EKATO : de l'agitateur à l'unité complète

1 enero 2018

Le Journal des Fluides - La Société EKATO est depuis plusieurs décennies spécialisée dans les technologies d'agitation et de mélange pour tous types d'industries. Elle est capable de proposer des installations complètes, notamment dédiées aux procédés d'hydrogénation...

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Hydrogenation Plants: Your fast lane to production

20 enero 2021

Chemical Engineering - Accelerated product innovations in the chemical industry and a general trend to more specialties and fine chemicals have led to a growing need for knowledge-based and value-adding consulting and engineering services from experienced equipment suppliers to jointly develop industrial hydrogenation processes. EKATO therefore followed a strategy...

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Batch Drying with Vacuum Contact Dryers

20 enero 2021

Chemical Engineering - Cover Story - Drying is a demanding unit operation where solvents need to be removed without altering product chemistry. Vacuum dryers are essential pieces of equipment for accomplishing this task...

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Wear Protection Cube

1 noviembre 2016

PROCESS Worldwide - Extending lifetime of agitator parts in three different ways — Wear of impellers is a problem that is often encountered in mixing applications. It is possible, however, to maximize the lifetime of agitator components by implementing appropriate measures with respect to their shape, coating or solid ceramic design or a combination of the above...

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