API Plan 54 High Pressure Seal Supply System

Pressurized External Barrier Fluid System

EKATO is proud to deliver an API Plan 54 pressurized external barrier fluid system for high pressure mechanical seals with customized design considering various customer specification and local regulations.

This seal supply system is designed to supply two triple acting mechanical seals (ESD66 Type) under very high mechanical and thermal requirements resulting from the mixing process.

The main job of the seal supply system is to provide clean, cooled and pressurized barrier fluid to the mechanical seals in order to achieve optimized pressure and temperature in the mechanical seals and assure a high reliability.

During detail engineering all possible HAZOP scenarios where detected in collaboration with our customer and considered in the seal supply system design. The system went through a FAT, being tested for all possible scenarios with excellent results.

Further technical information:

  • Suitable for hazardous area
  • Design pressure up to 230 barg (3340 psig)
  • Design for outdoor installation with ambient temperature down to -29°C (-20°F)
  • Compact design due to space limitations at site
  • Piping design according to ASME B31.3
  • With Canadian Registration Number (CRN)