ACHEMA Pulse 2021 - EKATO Live Streams

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On this year's ACHEMA live format, the ACHEMA Pulse, EKATO took part as a premium exhibitor. Therefore we were able to present many exciting topics on mixing and process technology, which are now all available online on our website for you to watch. Simply fill in the form an select the video you want to watch.

01 Pilot units for photochemical reactions – the bridge to production

Pilot Units for Photochemical Reactions – The Bridge to Production

Reliable scale-up of a photochemical process from lab to production scale is only successful with suitable pilot photoreactors operated on intermediate scale. EKATO presents three benchmark pilot photoreactors (5-50L Volume) which cover a wide range of reactions, allowing sophisticated data collection for safe up-scaling of your process.

Speaker: Dr. Konstantin Epp (EKATO RMT)

Advanced Polymer Recycling

In this seminar we will show how to transfer depolymerization processes from lab-scale
to industrial scale, with focus on current trends and developments in polymer recycling technology as well as possibilities for optimization of existing plants.

Speaker: Dr. Bernd Nienhaus (EKATO RMT)

EKATO Circle of Competence – Process Plants

EKATO consults and accompanies its customers throughout the entire life cycle of its machine or plant. Starting with the initial idea, through trials and subsequent scale-up into the industrial mixing process, to the finalized turnkey process plant. After commissioning and start-up, EKATO supports its customers with a wide range of services, such as strategic management of spare and wear parts, service contracts, or the consulting on modernizing existing equipment.

Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Last (EKATO RMT)

Mechanical Design: EKATO Means Reliability

In this stream we will share our long-term experiences about how to achieve
highest reliability for industrial agitators with you. Furthermore, we will show how we do impeller selection and different options for materials of construction.

Speakers: Sven Hanselmann (EKATO RMT)

How to Translate Your Process Into Mixing Tasks

Everywhere, people from the process industry are looking for the best suited, most efficient agitators. At the same time quality requirements and product specifications are becoming more and more strict. What is special about EKATO is that we usually ask questions about the process before offering a robust, tailor-made mixing solution. This is done on the basis of a

EKATO Pilot Plants for Safe Scale-up to Production Size

When developing new processes, specific information on the product behavior is required to design the production plant. The interaction of the chemistry, physical parameters and instrumental boundary conditions in complex processes is usually determined in pilot plants. In EKATO’s test center, a number of pilot plants are available for carrying out such investigations. We will give you an overview of the EKATO pilot plants for the design of
reactors e.g. for gas-liquid or photochemical reactions,
separation processes based on crystallizers and vacuum dryers and
finally the production of consumer products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Speakers: Marc Labusch (EKATO RMT), Alexander Lukas (EKATO SYSTEMS), Sebastian Prill (EKATO SYSTEMS)

Customized Engineered Solutions for Best Production Processes

Modern production planning is highly focused on optimization, efficiency and productivity. EKATO SYSTEMS GmbH supports in early project planning phases far beyond the supply of vacuum process plants. Based on batch time calculations, cleaning time determinations and the process related design of required utilities for different modes of operation, EKATO SYSTEMS identifies the optimal design for your process. Even without trials and based on more than 88 years of process experience and production data.

Speaker: Marian Scherer (EKATO SYSTEMS)

Agitated Processes – From Lab to Production

To understand your process – and to derive the governing mixing tasks – is only the first step. This webinar deals with the most important design correlations for scale-up to commercial.
For some examples from all over process industry we will demonstrate efficient scale-up tools,
– experimental based, lab and pilot testing, how to select the right scale
– plus computer-based, CFD or FEA modeling and how to validate the results
The target: to serve our customers beyond their expectations!

Speaker: Sven Hanselmann (EKATO RMT)

EKATO Circle of Competence – Process Development

The development of efficient mixing processes is one of EKATO’s core competencies. Together with our customers we develop the optimal mixing solutions of tomorrow, with an excellent team of highly qualified engineers in process engineering, chemistry and mechanical engineering and based on decades of experience. In this stream we will invite for a walk through our R&D center and show you our experimental facilities.

Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Last (EKATO RMT)

EKATO CEM – Your Processes are Developing- What About your Machines?

In a globalized world, improvement secures lead over competitors. Your processes and products continue to develop – we offer the right mixing technology. Existing systems and agitators can be checked and verified by us using new but also existing product parameters and process conditions. Process improvements and / or mechanical potentials can often be discovered, which we would like to show on a specific example.

Speaker: Michael Seiter (EKATO RMT)

EKATO S-JET 5000; Profitable Large Scale Dispersing

The process of Scale-Up is an integral part when applying the knowledge gathered on laboratory or pilot plants to large production units. While in laboratory or pilot plants the small volumes can be homogenized within minutes, the homogenization time on large machines always extended a lot due to the low throughput of the homogenizers related to the vessel volume. The new developed S-JET can be installed at units up to 20.000 L batch volume, helping to improve the rentability of these systems by shortening the process times significantly. The S-JET 5000 guarantees the same input shear forces and therefore the same product specifications as all other S-JET homogenizers, resulting in the same product qualities no matter which unit size is used.

Speaker: Fabian Lehmann (EKATO SYSTEMS)

EKATO WebLab for Online Trials

Remote support and services cannot only help to save costs and time in maintenance and commissioning, it also is a great tool that can be used with the same advantages in earlier stages like product and process development.
In this session we want to invite you to a live broadcast from our lab on how these new tools can be used. Apart from the broadcast from our Lab the remote support can be used on site for SATs or support during qualification and validation batches, for which we will show examples form the past months.

Speaker: Sebastian Prill (EKATO SYSTEMS)

Agitators for Storage Tanks ES 2000 SW

EKATO is at the mix in terms of mobility, heat, petrochemicals, lubricants and bitumen. In oil storage tanks, EKATO relies on proven technology and can build on more than 85 years of experience. For mixing tasks like effective mixing of crude oil considering and controlling the sand and water content BS&W (bottom sludge and water), mixing of different crude oils, a constant temperature distribution in the tank or for the mixing of refined oils, EKATO provides the appropriate solutions.

Speaker: Markus Kast (EKATO FLUID)

Preventing Solids Deposits with the EKATO ENDSFOIL

The EKATO ENDSFOIL is a new agitator for suspension applications, such as crystallization, where solid deposits must be prevented. The impeller is usually used as a bottom impeller in combination with an axial flow impeller but can also be used as a single stage up to filling heights of height/vessel diameter of 1. Due to the robust design and the installation close to the bottom, a good off bottom suspension even of larger agglomerates can be ensured without risk of damaging the agitator.

Speaker: Andreas Enz (EKATO RMT)

Viscous Mixing with the EKATO PARASEG

The EKATO PARASEG is a new agitator for medium to high vicous mixing applications, including adhesives, polymerization, sealants, grease, creams and shear sensitive products. The impeller is commonly used in a multi-stage setup and operates with close to wall clearance. Its flexible set-up and impeller design offer several possibilities to fulfill a wide range of mixing tasks like quick homogenization, good heat transfer or quick incorporation of liquids or solids added from the surface.

Speaker: Dr. Klaus Gezork (EKATO RMT)

EKATO Modular Hydrogenation Plants

The modularization of hydrogenation plants, especially for production plants on a small and medium scale, offers enormous future potential. On the one hand, producers gain the decisive competitive advantage in their market: The fastest possible start of production (“time-to-market”) after approval of a new substance. On the other hand, EKATO can combine the engineering, production and assembly of the skids under one roof. By bringing these activities together, EKATO makes optimal use of its skills and resources as a supplier of turnkey hydrogenation plants.

Speaker: Peter Rojan (EKATO RMT)

EPOS (EKATO Process Operating System): The New Industry 4.0 Suitable Automation Platform from EKATO

EPOS provides an user-friendly and easy creation of recipes in Matrix and PFC mode and covers the application areas of pharmacy, chemistry and many other industries. Recipe creation is done only by configuration and completely without programming, according to category 4 of ISPE GAMP5 guideline. GMP projects according to GAMP 5 as well as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant projects can be created without further adjustments. Batch related process values are displayed in an EPOS standard report. Diagnostic and analysis functions have been included for maintenance planning (Preventive Maintenance)

Speaker: Tobias Fehrenbach (EKATO SYSTEMS)

Utilization of modern engineering tools for the design of industrial scale impellers

CFD simulations combined with 3D printing enable the fast and cost-effective development of impellers for industrial scale. EKATO presents in this session the whole development process of a new gas‑inducing impeller. Starting with the first idea and evaluation in CFD studies, followed up with fast prototyping due to 3D printing and finally the rigorous characterization on pilot scale after identifying the most promising geometry.

Speaker: Marc Labusch (EKATO RMT)

Thermal Management of Mechanical Seal Systems in Agitated High-Temperature Applications

The demands placed on the material of mechanical seals increase disproportionately in high-temperature applications. The selection of suitable materials is one major challenge, but not only! In particular a clever thermal management of the entire mechanical seal system is of utmost importance. A team of experts from taken on this challenge and developed special solutions for the thermal management of mechanical seal systems for agitators in high-temperature applications.

Speaker: Bernd Reichert (EKATO RMT)