EKATO Photoreactor Technology Webinar

Once again, we would like to thank the over 200 attendees for their interest in yesterday’s Photoreactor Technology webinar.
Furthermore, we also thank our partner Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH for the exciting presentation.
We were delighted with the lively exchange with our experts via the chat during and after the webinar.

Topics of the webinars were:

  • Basics of photochemical reaction technology: UV-radiation, radiation sources, photochemistry, photochemical applications, photon measurement
  • Pilot Units for photochemical reactions - the bridge to production: Photochemical reactor units in pilot scale designed for low viscous & high viscous applications, pilot units for high radiation densities
  • Large-scale industrial photoreactors for production: Scale-up, Industrial photochemical reactor modeling, reactor engineering, reactor components, ex-proof reactor systems