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EKATO Skid-mounted Hydrogenation Plants Video

8 ÔÕÚÐÑàï 2020

If speed of implementation and flexibility is a priority in your business, then you will want to consider modular ...

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Modular hydrogenation plant

3 áÕÝâïÑàï 2020

"The modularization of hydrogenation plants, especially for production plants on a small and medium scale, offers our customers and EKATO enormous ...

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EKATO Photoreactor Technology Webinar

25 ØîÝï 2020

Once again, we would like to thank the over 200 attendees for their interest in yesterday’s Photoreactor Technology webinar.

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API Plan 54 High Pressure Seal Supply System

14 ØîÝï 2020

EKATO is proud to deliver an API Plan 54 pressurized external barrier fluid system for high pressure mechanical seals with customized design

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Polymer Days - WEBINAR

25 ÜÐàâÐ 2020

Due to the current situation, we are pleased to offer a new format of our EKATO Customer Days!

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First customer inspection via live stream

23 ÜÐàâÐ 2020

Special circumstances require special measures! In this current situation, ...

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ELA 5 Video

17 ÜÐàâÐ 2020

Our ELA-5 pilot plant is your support, when developing gas-liquid processes ...

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EKATO Engineering Day Madrid

18 äÕÒàÐÛï 2020

Not only FC Liverpool is on an exciting away game in Madrid today - but also EKATO is!

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EKATO Process Engineering Day Leuna

29 ïÝÒÐàï 2020

Our first Engineering Day 2020 finished a few minutes ago.

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Anniversaries honored in December 2019

23 ïÝÒÐàï 2020

Together the three Employees are with EKATO for 130 years

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SESDERMA opens new headquarters with UNIMIX plants

15 ïÝÒÐàï 2020

EKATO Systems customer Sesderma, having its headquarters in Puzol, Valencia / Spain opened its new headquarters in September 2018. Новый основной...

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