High Temperature Agitator Systems

We serve your processes over 400°C

Nearly half of the heat demand in Europe’s chemical industry is for processes over 400°C. Looking for new trends in the industry, polymer recycling is definitely one of the most promising. The recycling processes of our customers are developed to win new raw material for polymers of highest quality by using recycled plastics. The different processes have in common, that the depolymerization is performed under very high temperatures (for example Pyrolysis). Process temperatures between 500°C and 750°C need to be handled by a reliable mechanical seal technology.

Technical challenges in high temperature applications

  • Chemical and mechanical durability of metallic parts - Operating temperature exceeds limitations of elastomeric sealing elements
  • Conflict between process heating and cooling of drive - Condensation inside the reactor reduces output and efficiency
  • Few specialized components suppliers - Great number of technical interfaces
  • Short maintenance interval due to material stress - Safe and reliable operation required

EKATO Solution

  • EKATO One-Stop-Shop - For agitator including mechanical seal with supply system and customized reactor vessel
  • High Temperature Know-How - Decades of expertise in materials for high-temperature applications
  • Liquid Lubricated Mechanical Seal - For reliable technical tightness during any process steps
  • Holistic Temperature Management - Fulfilling temperature requirements throughout the complete equipment. Temperature adjustments only where needed and as much as necessary

Coordinated Interaction of Measures

  • Heating-cooling flange
  • Nitrogen flushing
  • Internal shaft cooling
  • Active cooling of the mechanical seal

Your benefits

  • Faster project processing (lower CAPEX) due to close dialogue, thus leading to less supplier interfaces and simpler clarifications
  • Low risk due to EKATO Know-how and reliable consulting
  • Efficient operation (lower OPEX) due to holistic concept: reliable and compatible components, less downtime, one-service and support contact