Field Service

Installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance - with our support for the best result!

The EKATO Group's service technicians provide flexible support directly at your site anywhere in the world. The team comprises more than 20 technicians worldwide, around half of whom operate from Germany.

From planning to commissioning


The service on our agitators usually includes the following activities:

  • Supervision of installation work to ensure proper installation and fitting steps
  • Checking the installation, including checking the mechanical completion
  • Checking the connections and cable connections of instruments etc.
  • Accompaniment of a first test run in air and / or water
  • Support during commissioning

Process plants

Unlike agitators, the EKATO Group’s process plants are supplied complete with control system and operating software. The commissioning of such a system is therefore slightly different compared to that of a normal agitator. In these cases, EKATO offers extended support during commissioning.

The commissioning of the process systems is accompanied by a process engineer, for example from research and development.

This includes a test run in water and an I/O test. The system is then checked together with you in accordance with the functional description. EKATO accompanies you during the first batches and supports you in optimizing parameters and limit values. Together with you, process conditions are analyzed and optimized wherever possible.

We ensure that your agitators, mechanical seals and supply systems are always in perfect condition!
We provide you with active support on site:

  • Inspection and visual inspection:

    You will receive a service report including a maintenance recommendation for the next inspection. We will also be happy to support you directly with a suitable spare parts offer or with the creation of a maintenance concept for your agitators.

  • Maintenance and inspection:

    Carrying out gearbox and sealing fluid changes, as well as replacing spare and wear parts. This also includes cleaning and checking important components, such as the mechanical seal. This also includes cleaning and checking important components such as the mechanical seal.

  • Technical support /  Troubleshooting:

    In the event of a problem, we will be happy to help you over the phone or support you directly on site with troubleshooting and rectification.

  • Detailed measurements and analyses:

    Vibration measurements and thermography can be used to analyze and evaluate various damage patterns and operating anomalies. The information obtained is assessed, evaluated and discussed with you by our specialists.

And when things have to be done quickly…

…we also support you on site in the event of unplanned breakdowns and repairs to get your agitator up and running again as quickly as possible!

In such cases, please get in touch directly with our contact persons listed below.

Alternatively, your repairs can also be carried out directly at our headquarters. Find out more about this:

In-house repairs

from planning to commissioning.

Remote maintenance support from our service technicians

On-site support from a service technician is not always possible, for example due to the COVID-19 virus and the associated travel and contact restrictions. For these special circumstances, we offer our innovative “Remote Service Support” to replace on-site support in the best possible way. In the event of commissioning, the customer is guided and instructed by our trained specialist staff using the latest technology.

This ensures smooth commissioning and acceptance of our products. In addition, this option is used to maintain the training of regional service technicians worldwide, which previously took place at the head office.

which previously took place at the head office. In this way, we can also ensure our high quality standards in this area.




  • Personal support despite travel restrictions
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Online support through recordings with smartphone, tablet, laptop or the EKATO remote data glasses
  • Technical support and troubleshooting

We offer our remote service support with our own TeamViewer Pilot software. However, we are flexible and can also use software of the customer’s choice if required.

Hands-on and small training courses

We also offer short hands-on training sessions for your mechanics as part of our service calls.
Our technician will discuss the basics of the agitator type, maintenance intervals and safety instructions.

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Head of Field Service
EKATO Ruehr- und Mischtechnik GmbH
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