EKATO is present in P.R. China with an own commercial subsidiary since 2003. With the establishment of the production company "EKATO (Shanghai) Agitation Equipment Co., Ltd" in 2016, a new step has been achieved.

In July 2018, EKATO China celebrated the opening of their new premises in Shanghai. The new facilities are now located in the south-west of Shanghai, offering about 2,700 sq.m. space in total (600 sq.m. office space and 2,100 sq.m. workshop).

The new address after the relocation is:

Building 3, No.388 XinRun Road, Xinqiao Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai, 201612,China


Contact us:

Tel: +86-21-64952966

Fax: +86-21-64856183

E-mail: china@ekato.com

Website: www.ekato.com.cn

Workshop Capabilities at EKATO CHINA

The 2,100 sq.m. workshop offers the possibility for:

  • Local manufacturing of agitators parts
  • Welding of impellers
  • Agitator assembly and inspection
  • Stock for smaller wear parts
  • Repair of mechanical seals and other agitator parts
  • Trials in own laboratory


A state of the art laboratory equipped with LM6, SRT50 and VPT50 pilot plants is available, in order to perform in-house trials for cosmetic and pharmaceutical customers.

Mechanical seal testing and repair

The assembled mechanical seals can be tested dynamically in the test pit with pressure and temperature. Furthermore, a lapping machine is available, to ensure that mechanical seals can be repaired directly at EKATO CHINA in Shanghai.


Контактная информация
EKATO (Shanghai) Agitation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Телефон +86 21 6495 2966
Электронная почта china@ekato.com
адрес Building 3, No.388 Xinrun Road,
Xinqiao Industrial Zone, Songjiang District
Shanghai 201612

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