EKATO ORION – setting the benchmark for self-inducing turbines!

The ORION is a self-inducing impeller for internal gas recirculation from the head space back into the liquid. The Orion ensures highest conversion of pure gases. The new design maximizes the gas recirculation rate at lowest power inputs which leads to high mass transfer rates and fast reaction times.
Gas inducing impellers increase the utilization of pure gases during gas-liquid or gas-liquid-solid multiphase type reactions. Due to the internal gas recirculation, an external loop is not required resulting in lower investment costs and increased safety in case of hazardous gases. The EKATO ORION is a high-performance self-inducing impeller of the next generation. Gas is aspirated through the hollow shaft of the ORION and induced into the reaction liquid. The driving force for gas recirculation is the pressure difference between the head of the reactor and the vacuum pressure generated by impeller rotation. The inner geometry of the ORION is flow optimized to reduce pressure loss of the recirculated gas and thus, increasing the amount of recycled gas.

The powerful combination of the EKATO ORION and EKATO PHASEJET maximizes the gas recirculation and ensuring highest space/time yields in reactions with pure gases.

Typical Applications for the ORION:

  • Gassing processes with extreme gassing rates
  • Continuous hydrogenations
  • Continuous processes with pure gasses
  • Gassing processes with external condenser / scrubber
  • Power-to-X technologies (P2X)
  • Fermentations with hydrogen


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