13 Apr 2018

ORCS Conference in San Diego, USA

Starting from April 8th  till April 12th the ORCS (Organic Reactions Catalysis Society) Conference took place in San Diego. Well-known Participants of the conference were Merck, Evonik, BASF, Avantium, Parker, Inficon & Monsanto.

Alton Smith (ECORP USA), Kevin Gagen (ECORP USA) and Dennis Bird (R&D) joined the conference and set up an exhibition stand with a TV to show potential customers our EKATO Process Solution videos. They worked very well as an eye-catcher and conversations could go more into detail. Topics of speech were manly about catalysis for organic reactions. In particular oxidation and hydrogenation of biomass in new processes were of essential importance. Yet also the catalysis for production of specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals was an important topic of discussion.

Keynote speakers of the conference were American professors of chemistry and chemical engineering from renowned universities such as MIT or UCLA. The main product of interest for the attendees of the conference from Ekato was our ELA-5. A number of important contacts to Zeton (specialist for building pilot plants), BASF (precious metal catalysts) and Avantium (process development) were established. 

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