24 Jan 2018

New ELA-5 Pilot Plants for the US, Chinese and Indian market

Three new ELA-5 pilot plants have been built, in order to extend our R&D capabilities. Two of them are in the technical center in Germany and one of these pilot plants has been handed over to EKATO USA (ECORP), to serve the American market directly from Oakland.

Two more plants will serve the Indian and Chinese market.

The ELA-5 units are mobile, granting the possibility to carry out tests at the customers’ site.

These plants are designed for pressures up to 100 bar, temperatures up to 250°C and the nominal vessel volume is 5 liters. The reactor unit is explosion proof.

The main application fields are hydrogenations and other gas-liquid reactions, but also other processes, for example crystallizations, are possible.

The first successful series of tests has already been carried out for a Brazilian customer in CW 3, 2018.





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