17 Feb 2019

Five In-house Engineering Days in One Week

EKATO Engineering Days in Thailand

From February 11 to 15, five in-house engineering days were held in Thailand. For the first time in EKATO's history, five customer events were held on five consecutive days, with approx. 100 participants in total. This was possible thanks to the excellent organization of our colleagues from Thaisia, EKATO's representative in Thailand.

All Engineering Days took place in the area of Rayong, the Thai center of the petrochemical industry. In addition to an introduction to the stirring technology, the customers were also given the topics of polymerization and crystallization, as well as EKATO turnkey process plants and gas-liquid reactors, depending on their product portfolio. Presenters from EKATO were product managers Peter Rojan and Dr. Bernd Nienhaus.

As part of the in-house events, existing projects were discussed directly with the users of our technologies. Addition, there were numerous approaches for new projects.

The customer feedback was consistently positive. Due to the outstanding response, Thaisia ​​is already initiating the planning of further events.

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