29 Oct 2019

Engineering Days in November & December 2019

Also, during the last 2 months in 2019, the EKATO Engineering Days are still continuing. There will be still 7 Engineering Days in total.

In November, there will be Engineering Days in Europe:

  • Gas Liquid Reaction Technologies in the Netherlands (07.11.),
  • Process Engineering Day in Denmark (20.11.),
  • Process Engineering Days in Germany, EKATO headquarters (25.+26.11.)
  • Process Engineering Day in Austria (28.11.)  


But, also in Asia, there will be 3 Engineering Days taking place:

  • Hydrogenation Day in India (12.11.)
  • Mining Day in Shanghai (03.12.)
  • Hydrogenation Day in Shanghai (04.12.)  


For all detailed information of each Engineering Day, visit our website:


Register still today and book a seat, there are only a few left.

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