22 Jul 2019

EKATO World Sales Meeting 2019



„Inform – inspire – motivate“, were the headlines for the 3rd WORLD SALES MEETING, EKATO organized in the last week of June.

That the export rate at EKATO is exceeding 85%, was easy to be ssen during the last week of June: Almost 70 participants from 32 different countries of all continents took the opportunity to visit EKATO, once again. The feedback of the participants from the previous meetings (in 2016 and 2017) was considered and the program was adjusted: This year, the meeting took 2.5 days and included less technical training, but more information on success stories, internal changes and optimizations, which had taken place in the last two years. The numerous investments in personnel, buildings and processes were presented and ultimately shown in a company tour.

Major elements of this meeting were to get to know each other, networking and teambuilding. Therefore the XXL-barbecue with 200 people on Tuesday evening was a good opportunity to meet-up again and for others, to get to know each other. The teambuilding-event on the “Hochblauen” on Wednesday, where the sales and service employees of all OEM’s also took part, was the highlight of the meeting.

The meeting was a real success. Everything was excellent in these two days. The weather even was almost too good, with nearly 40°C.

At this point we want to thank all employees, who were involved in the organization and execution!

The 4th EKATO WORLD SALES MEETING is planned for June 2022.



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