24 Nov 2017

EKATO Hydrogenation Day in Schopfheim

Hydrogenation experts and interested customers from 8 countries met on November 23 at the "EKATO Hydrogenation Day" at EKATO in Schopfheim.

Manufacturers and users discussed current topics around the planning, operation and optimization of industrial hydrogenation plants. Experts in the field of hydrogenation technologies presented individual topics in a compact form and exchanged their experiences with the participants. The exchange of expertise and creativity between the different disciplines generated novel ideas and co-operations around the topic of industrial hydrogenation.

As part of the event, the participants visited the EKATO Hydrogenation Test Center during a tour through EKATO’s headquarters and could witness the impressive test run of a hydrogenation agitator on a 30 m3 test pit. https://youtu.be/hEchmbo07dM

You had no chance to attend this event, but are still interested in the content? No problem: please contact us at hydrogenation@ekato.com.



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