10 Apr 2019

EKATO Customer Seminars in April 2019

The successful EKATO customer seminar series continues:


Last week, the first Gas-Liquid-Reaction-Days took place in Schopfheim on 3-4 April.

32 customers from many European countries came to the EKATO headquarters in Schopfheim to learn more about gas-liquid-reaction-technology. The tried-and-tested format could be used again here: on the first day, the participants were given deeper knowledge in the field of mixing technology for gas-liquid applications with lectures on mixing technology and agitator design. During the flying buffet the participants could exchange ideas and experience the EKATO Virtual Reality for themselves.

The second day, together with guest speakers, was dedicated to specific topics such as chlorination in photoreactors, hydrogenation and alkoxylation. All theoretical information was finally visualized in the R&D laboratory through practical trials. The days ended with tour through the production and the assembly for the participants.

At the same time, a Process Engineering Day was held in the US on April 3, 2019 in New Orleans, LA with a total of 35 participants.

Lectures on basics of mixing technology, basics of mechanical design, EKATO engineering services and troubleshooting of agitators and mechanical seals were offered to the participants.

Even overseas, the customer seminars are well received. The type of event as well as the lectures were so well liked, that already a repetition in fall was asked.


What say customers to EKATO seminars:

  • I enjoyed attending Engineering Day with EKATO and MSB. Great information about agitators - theory and operations
  • Mix between seminar and tours was informative
  • Well organized, good experts
  • Professional technicians, amazing R&D test center


Preview of future events:

  • Hydrogenation Forum in Lyon, France on 5 June 2019 - Registration open
  • Fermentation Days at EKATO headquarters in Schopfheim, Germany on 7-8 October 2019 - more information coming soon
  • Process Engineering Days at EKATO headquarters in Schopfheim, Germany on 25-26 November 2019 - Registration open


More information about EKATO serminars here

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