22 Oct 2018


The EKATO WebApp is divided into six different areas:


1. News:

Here you will find the latest press Releases and specialist articles, as well as further News and Information about EKATO.


2. Innovations

In this section, EKATO's innovations are introduced by a brief description; from new impellers, agitators to specific process solutions.


3. Showroom

The EKATO Showroom offers an insight into the virtual world of stirring and mixing.


  • the vacuum process plant EKATO UNIMIX, as well as the SOLIDMIX dryer & -mixer
  • a simulation of the EKATO Hydrogenation Center to a turnkey production plant
  • a raw oil storage tank - the new EKATO Side Entry Agitator ES2000 SW
  • a World Scale Reactor with a 3000 kW Agitator

4. Exhibitions

In this section, you will find all trade fairs EKATO is represented.


5. Media

In addition to the new EKATO Group film and R&D film, you will find many other product videos about the flow behavior of various impellers and much more, in the media section.


6. Seminars

Here are all upcoming customer seminars, the topics, agendas and detailed descriptions of the seminars.


Furthermore there is a contact area in which you can see the EKATO contact persons worldwide.


Open the EKATO WebApp via the following link and save it on the home screen of your Smartphone using the enclosed instructions:


Since this is a web-based app, it does not have to be downloaded from the App Store and does not have to be updated. By opening the app, the user always has the latest Version available and no storage space on the Smartphone is claimed.



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