14 Aug 2018

New Opening EKATO China


On July 20, 2018, EKATO China celebrated the opening of their new premises in Shanghai.

About 30 invited guests from EKATO China's representatives and sub-suppliers joined the EKATO team for the ceremony. Dr. Li - Managing Director of EKATO China - held a speech summarizing the past 15 years of EKATO's presence in the P.R. China and giving an outlook to the future. Two suppliers took the opportunity to congratulate EKATO and to thank them for their good cooperation.    

EKATO is present in the P.R. China with an own commercial subsidiary since 2003.

With the foundation of the production company "EKATO (Shanghai) Agitation Equipment Co., Ltd" in 2016 and its relocation, a new milestone has been achieved.

The new facilities are now located in the south-west of Shanghai. The building has about 2,700 sq.m. (600 sq.m. office space and 2,100 sq.m. workshop), offering the possibility for local manufacturing of agitator parts, agitator assembly and inspection as well as repair of mechanical seals and other agitator parts.

This makes it possible to be closer, faster and more competitive on the Chinese market.

A state of the art laboratory equipped with LM6, SRT50 and VPT50 machines gives the opportunity to perform trials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical customers. 

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