7 Aug 2018


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It is the fascination of making chaos the seemingly unpredictable calculable and controllable.

It is the enthusiasm to grow with big challenges and to make solutions scale able.

It is the successes of our customers that have been driving us for more than 85 years to become what we are today:




The EKATO Group is the global market leader in agitation and mixing technology and combines three OEM’s EKATO RMT, EKATO SYSTEMS and EKATO FLUID. With our optimized mixing technology we design and manufacture modular, efficient, standardized and customized industrial agitators covering specific process solutions for reactor vessels which are individually developed addressing specific mixing requirements, as well as complete process plants, including automation. The EKATO Group offers everything from one single source! We are your local partner for customized, innovative mixing technology and complete solutions for the process industry from pilot plant through scale-up and engineering to production and assembly, and a worldwide sales and service network. This requires experienced specialists with vision who turn opportunities into solutions. In the EKATO Research and Development Centers with state-of-the-art testing and analysis equipment, this know-how is continuously supplemented. Our groundbreaking simulations as well as experiments with real products lead to optimal results. As the technology leader EKATO has been setting standards in mixing technology for decades!



EKATO RMT specializes in the development and construction of tailor-made solutions for agitated processes and is an experienced development and engineering partner. One of our many areas of expertise is being specialists in the process, mechanical design and construction of hydrogenation reactors and plants. Our in-house hydrogenation center provides scalable results for a commercial plant layout.



EKATO FLUID implements the know-how of the EKATO Group and supplies cost-efficient standardized mixing technology. The modular design allows for customized competitive solutions with short delivery times for a wide range of applications.



Agitated systems are also a core value of EKATO SYSTEMS, and, as a world leader of manufacturing vacuum processing units, we offer you the complete package! From engineering to pilot plant trials to commissioning, maintenance and servicing.


All products of the EKATO Group use our own manufactured mechanical seals and their supply systems designed specifically for use in agitators.

Our experts work daily to continuously enhance the wide range of EKATO’s product lines and adapt them to the latest industry standards.



United as one in the EKATO Group, our goal is to improve the efficiency of resources and improve profitability of our customers’ processes.    

As a complete solution provider, EKATO offers an enhanced service that is unique in the field of agitation.


These include the

- optimization by revamping agitators and process plants,

- improvements through professional evaluation of your process operation

- maintenance concepts such as preventive maintenance inspection and plant audits

- and our 24h service worldwide.


This makes the family business EKATO a partner that you can trust!


Your trust is what inspires our enthusiasm and fascination to work on innovative mixing technology every day!



85 Jahre of Mixing Technology

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