19 May 2019

8th health day at EKATO

“Healthiness is not everything but without healthiness everything is nothing.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

The health of our employees is important to us. This is the reason why EKATO together with the BARMER health insurance organized the 8th healthy day for its employees at its Headquarters on May 8, 2019.

On that day an exciting and varied program was offered through various stations.  

Balance Check:

The Balance Check, which measured individual stress levels and regenerative capacity based on heart rate variability, was very interesting. In a subsequent personal discussion with a consultant, the participants could set measures to reduce their stress load. Everyone can learn to handle stress. One possibility is, for example, yoga or meditation.

Test course “relaxation”:

Through the test course “relaxation”, the participants could become more familiar with various relaxation possibilities and test them, for example: progressive muscle relaxation, attentiveness, body awareness and breathing exercises.

Snack workshops:

Over the lunchtime, there were also two workshops in which healthy and delicious snacks could be cooked: a delicious salad with quinoa and lots of vegetables, an asparagus soup with beetroot dices and walnuts and finally a sheep's quark with strawberries and peppermint.

“Healthy Sleep” lecture:

The lecture "Healthy Sleep" offered interesting facts about the topic of sleep, as well as everyday tips and tricks on how to find a healthy sleep.

The biorhythms of the body have been extensively reported and the sleep phases have been explained. Did you already know that you should use your bed only to sleep? Activities as watching TV and reading should not be done in bed. In addition, sport should be avoided immediately before going to bed.

During that health day, the employees were able to find out where they stand healthily and how they can improve this state.

Throughout the year, EKATO offers many different activities, uch as non-smoking training, fit mix, back fitness, running club, yoga, hiking group, job cycle, etc.

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