The company was founded in Düsseldorf in 1933: Erich Karl Todtenhaupt, whose initials gave the brand ist name, launched products such as the LaborMix, drum agitators, single-paddle mixers and homogenizers on the market with his plant construction company.

As early as 1950, EKATO recognizes the challenge of safely sealing rotating shafts and consequently develops own mechanical seals for agitators. To this day EKATO is the only agitator manufacturer offering in-house mechanical seals and supply systems. The internationalization of operations began immediately after the Second World War, when EKATO developed its own agitator seals for Swiss chemical companies and relocaded to Schopfheim, a southern Baden town close to the border.

As of 1970, EKATO offers opimized impellers for special process requirements. At present Ekatos portfolio includes a wide range of agitators with industry-specific designs and holds a variety of patents.

1974, the first foreign subsidiary takes up operations in France. More milestones include the market leadership 1970 in Germany and 1990 in Europe. In the 90s EKATO expands towards Asia and Australia. Since 2004 EKATO is the world market leader in blending and mixing technology.

The expansion creating the EKATO GROUP starts 1982 with the founding of FLUID Misch- und Dispergiertechnik, followed by the founding of ESD GMBH EKATO Sicherheits- und Dichtungstechnik in 1988. 1994 EKATO takes over the company Haagen + Rinau Mischtechnik GmbH (EKATO UNIMIX) located in Bremen and creates the basis to enter the business sector of process plants.

For the 80th company anniversary in 2013, new Headquarters with an attached state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre is inaugurated – a declaration of belief in  the location Schopfheim made by owner family Todtenhaupt.  

The EKATO Mission Statement

“It is our top priority to consult our customers beyond the expected demands also in auxiliary fields, never to persuade them, and to exceed expectations by means of the deliveries made.”   

Company founder Erich-Karl Todtenhaupt


“It is our top priority to consult our customers ...": It is all about the customer.

"…beyond the expected demands…...": We offer high level of expertise and engagement. 

"...also in auxiliary fields...": We cover a broad consulting competence. 

"... never to persuade them...": We focus on customer's needs. 

"... and to exceed expectations by means of the deliveries made": We have high quality standards for the product and daily conduct.

Why Compliance Rules?

Throughout its history, EKATO has developped into a company with an excellent reputation - we provide peak performance at a high level of sophistication. We all bear the responsibility for maintaining and further building on this reputation.

EKATO Compliance Rules


1. No discrimination allowed

We do not tolerate any discrimination. Independent of age or physical constitution, nationality, race, gender, religion or political views, what counts for us are performance and work results.


2. Safety for Employees and the Environment

The health and safety of our employees are to be safeguarded. The management systems introduced for this purpose are to be consistently implemented and practiced. 

In our working environment, we also share responsibility for the safety of our colleagues and for the compliance with policies and existing laws and standards for environmental protection.



3. Protection of Company and Third-party Property

Company secrets, know-how and other intangible assets are not to be divulged to third parties without legal and/or commercial safeguards. We are all obliged to protect our data files against access from unauthorized third parties. We protect and respect to the same degree any intellectual property provided to us by third parties.


4. Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

We avoid all collisions of private interests with those of the company. In our decisions, we do not allow ourselves to be guided by private interests or personal relationships.

We reject goods and services from employees, and offers by direct relatives must successfully bear commercial and transparent comparison with at least 2 competitors. 

As a general rule, part-time jobs of employees outside of EKATO need to be authorized by the EKATO management.We welcome any voluntary commitment that is consistent with the fulfillment of contractual employment with EKATO. We do not express private opinions in a manner creating the appearance that they represent the views of the company.


5. Independence

We make decisions freely and independently. We only accept invitations by business partners to events or business meals if there is a verifiable business purpose and the business partner or one of his representatives is present. The invitation must be commensurate with the relationship to the business partner, within the bounds of normal hospitality and involve a reasonable number of participants. Superiors are to be informed about invitations.

Gifts by business partners must be reasonable in terms of their nature and scope and must not exceed fiscal bounds. Gifts to customers are permitted exclusively within the bounds of existing corporate gift inventories. Gifts of any nature to government agencies, civil servants or officials are not permitted.


6. No bribery and corruption

We do not accept attempts at bribery, nor do we make any such offers ourselves. In dealing with government agencies or authorities, no payments or benefits whatsoever shall be promised or made in order to influence decisions in favor of EKATO.

We do not accept any benefits intended to stimulate the award of tenders.

The management shall exclusively decide on donations and sponsoring payments. Politically motivated donations and contributions to political parties or for memberships in interest groups are to be approved by the shareholders.


7. Transparent Business Figures

The accuracy of our accounting, records and financial reporting are the measure of our credibility. Financial reporting standards of the holding company contain regulations, define the financial standards and are consistently applied.

Records and files are to be kept in such a way that auditors and financial authorities can comprehend their content at any time. Statutory and internal obligations to preserve records are to be properly applied.


8. Reliable Information to the Public

All information provided to the public is truthful. 

We are aware that erroneous, ambiguous, incomplete or imprudent statements can be falsely interpreted or taken out of context. Information to the public is only allowed to be approved by management.


9. No Anti-Competitive Behavior

We adhere to antitrust and other trade acts, laws governing pricing and competition law. 

We do not tolerate illegal agreements with competitors or any other violations of competition laws.


10. Export Formalities

We comply with the export regulations and formalities that are to be specified in internal rules.

If it is not possible to eliminate doubts prior to submitting a bid and entering into a contract as to whether the use or transfer of our products or even information are permitted, the company is to abstain from conducting the business transaction.

Handbook of mixing technology


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