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EKATO hydraulic components for the storage of seal liquid.

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A mechanical seal system consists of the mechanical seal cartridge, the hydraulic component and the installation, which consists of the piping, instrumentation, and fastening.

In mixing technology, a reliable sealing of the mixing vessel can be ensured only by means of a complete mechanical seal system. Careful selection of suitable hydraulic and installation components is at least as important as the safe construction of the mechanical seal itself. The supply of seal liquid is of primary safety-related importance because the physical processes in the sealing gap and on the  sealing surfaces are very sensitive to high temperatures.

In sealing technology, the storage can be done in different ways. For simple sealing tasks, you can use the thermosiphon effect in the seal liquid as well as the natural convection in the surrounding air. If the thermosiphon effect is not sufficient to dissipate the accumulated heat quickly enough, the seal liquid must be conveyed with a pump.

A seal is considered technically tight when the pressure in the seal chamber is always higher than the tank pressure. To maintain pressure, the EKATO hydraulic components can be overlayed with constant pressure or work with a pressure compensator in which the seal pressure automatically follows the vessel pressure.

Product details

storage vessel VG

  • Storage vessel for seal liquid with side windows 

  • Contents 1.5 l 

  • Cooling of the seal liquid by cooling jacket (water jacket) 

  • Application up to 10 bar (abs) 

storage vessel VGS

  • Storage vessel for seal liquid with float magnetic switch and level indicator for monitoring of the fill level
  • Contents 1.5 l
  • Application up to 10 bar (abs)
  • Installation of a level limit switch (Liquiphant) for redundant monitoring in
    ATEX Zone 0

storage vessel VGL

  • Large storage vessel for seal liquid with float magnetic switch and level indicator for monitoring of the fill level
  • Contents 6 l
  • Cooling of the barrier liquid by integrated cooling coil
  • Application up to 16 bar (abs)

Sterile storage vessel with sterile installation

  • Particularly suitable for use in sterile processes
  • Delivery includes sterile installation as a complete sterile system
  • Sealing liquid condensate cooled by plate heat exchanger
  • Sterilization of the condensate after exiting the seal by inflowing fresh steam 

Accessories for storage vessels

  • Hand pump for refilling the seal liquid
  • Pressure gauge and safety valve for pressure overlay
  • Water jacket or cooling coil for cooling of the seal liquid
  • Magnetic float switch with min–min alarm and switch amplifiers for ATEX Zone 1
  • Level switch for redundant monitoring at ATEX Zone 0 

pressure compensator VGD

  • With storage vessel including manometer and safety valve
  • Cooling of the barrier liquid by cooling jacket (water jacket)
  • Application up to 40 bar (abs) - Volumes 0.3 l
  • Monitoring of the level via proximity switch – ATEX Zone 1 

pressure compensator VD 120

  • For high pressure seals
  • Application up to 70 bar (abs) - Volumes 0.8 l
  • In combination with VD120PS pressure splitter, can be used up to 100 bar
  • Proximity switch for monitoring the fill level 

high pressure compensator VDH

  • Installation of "overhead" for automatic ventilation
  • Volume 0.8 l
  • Magnetic roller display for fill level monitoring and automatic refilling
  • Application up to 100 bar (abs) 


Hydraulic components

  • Supply of the seal with seal liquid
  • Thermosiphone effect
  • Pressure overlay
  • Sterile system



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