Your processes are developing? Your equipment can also!

To ensure maximum efficiency EKATO equipments are custom designed. In case of process changes in existing plants the efficiency of your equipment can be adjusted by revamping your agitators and process plants. We can make design modifications based on your revised process specification and the EKATO digital memory card. The retrofit can be implemented by our service staff.

Also other brand agitators or process plants can be modified to improve the efficiency by, for example, a modified impeller system. Therefore we use the newest insights of our EKATO Research and Development department. In most cases great potential for process improvement (processing time, energy consumption, product quality, etc.) and mechanical improvement (wear, corrosion, agitator lifetime, etc.) of the equipment can be achieved. Your particular case can be reviewed by our EKATO Service revamping team at any time.

Process evaluation:

  • Time savings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Quality improvement

Confirmation of mechanical design:

  • Extended service lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased reliability

Please contact our engineers for first assistance even for revamping third party providers of agitators



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