Advanced Polymer Recycling - Online Seminar (AM)

5 Nov 2020
10 - 12 am (CET)
per webinar


Advanced plastics recycling, also called chemical recycling, refers to several different technologies that convert used plastics into their original building blocks, specialty polymers, feedstocks for new plastics, fuels, waxes, and other valuable products. This webinar will give you an insight in the most common processes applied in plastics recycling and how EKATO has contributed to develop and optimize such technologies.

EKATO’s  Technology Center provides the maximum flexibility to develop and optimize agitation systems applied in polymer recycling.

We welcome you to check the potential of new impeller types, components and reactor systems thus guaranteeing tested quality levels. Along with developing solutions, EKATO’s main focus is on analysing the impact of operating modes, raw materials and energy savings and comparing different machine and process concepts. The use of modern simulation methods complements the trials and helps to find the best settings in a cost-effective way.


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  • Dr. Bernd Nienhaus (Product Manager)
  • Peter Rojan (Product Manager)



The webinar is free of charge. A registration is necessary.

Deadline for registration: November 4, 2020


For more information about this seminar, please contact:

Ms. Julia Augustin
Tel.: +49 7622 29-266, email:

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